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So you just decided to start your career as an online Teacher? You have tons of knowledge, and you hope your course to be something helpful and successful?

I’m an Asst. Architect, working with a small firm.  Sharing my knowledge of architecture by running course at architectsHUB, I can utilise my extra time and gain some profit out of that.

So, as a new online Teacher, there are 10 steps you should do to make the most out of your knowledge. They are:

  • 1. Interact with other teachers
  • 2. Content is King, develop a detailed course
  • 3. Don’t forget about the technical requirement
  • 4. Keep students engaged
  • 5. Publish parts of your lessons to YouTube
  • 6. Build an email list
  • 7. Pay attention to your landing page
  • 8. Develop unique course.
  • 9. Reply to your students with enthusiast and a SOLUTION
  • 10. Consistently update your content

For students and working professionals, The workplace has become the school where they can update their skills and prepare for various exams without carrying burden of tons of books.

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