F.A.Q about Instructors

Que. 1:  Can Instructors take other people’s courses?

  • Yes, absolutely

Que. 2:  Can Instructors take or access to their own course?

  • Absolutely!

Que. 3:  How can Instructors edit a course?

  • Just login to their accounts, go to WP-Admin > LearnPress, they will see their courses.
    Or instructors can also go to their Profiles to see their courses. After that, instructors can edit each lesson by clicking on the lesson and click Edit

Que. 4:  Will instructors be able to add courses without having to wait for reviews?

  • By default, all courses made by instructors will need to be reviewed by admins. You can let courses published immediately by going to LearnPress > Settings > Courses > uncheck the box of “Review course before publish”
  • There will also be an option of Enable edit published course – Allow instructors to edit the course that is published without review. If this option is disabled, the course status will be changed to Pending Review when the instructor update course.

Que. 5:  I am the Teacher, I created Courses, but I will need others to manage course for me, how to do that?

  • To do that, while editing course, under the General Settings for that course, there will be a form field called Co-Instructors. Just enter the username of the instructor and Save. After that the person entered will become the instructor for the course.

Que.6:  As a Teacher of the course, How much percentage of share of the course fee will I get?

  • As a course publisher, You’ll earn money every time a student purchases your course. We have our Revenue Share system where you share only when you earn. 70% net revenue share made by the instructor and 30% go to ArchitectsHUB platform to cover administration fee, hosting, service and other expenses.